Farzana Bubly returns to TVC after three years


Sheikh Arif Bulbon :

More than two decades ago, popular model Farzana Bubly worked as a model in the first advertisement
of ‘Green Mint Toothpaste’ under the direction
of the country’s one of the leading and noted TV actresses, Shomi Kaiser, also a director. Then in the past days she has worked as a model in about 10
Farzana Bubly worked as a model in Maggi’s advertisement under the direction of talented director Adnan Al Rajeev last three years ago.
After a break of three years, Bably again worked as a model in the advertisement of ‘Dano Delight’ under the direction of Adnan
Al Rajeev.
In the meantime, Bubly has completed the work for the reels and photo shoot for the next campaign after the production of the TV
commercial (TVC).
Bubly informed that soon this advertisement of the family
story-based will be aired on various TV channels of the country along
with social media.
Regarding talking about working under Adnan
Al Rajeev’s direction after three years break Farzana Bubly told this correspondent, “My relationship with Adnan Al Rajeev is friendship. Last I worked under his direction three years ago. I feel good working on this new advertisement. Adnan works with great care. There is no doubt about it. It is proven. Since Khosru Bhai was the DoP and Rajiv was the director, even though I didn’t know much about acting, both o
f them helped me a lot. I think overall the ad is very good. The audience will like the ad when it airs.”
It is noted that Farzana Bubly acted in a drama directed by Sokal Ahmed opposite popular film
actor Riaz. But after that she was not seen
acting in any drama.
According to Bubly, acting is very difficult. Moreover, a lot of time is given for acting.
She spends busy time with her two daughters.
Bubly said that she had to find time with great difficulty to work as a model in this new advertisement.
It is noted that Farzana Bubly worked regularly
as a ramp model from 2004 to 2012.