FBCCI president stresses onion import from alternative markets to stabilize price


Business Desk :
In response to the surge in onion prices in the market, country’s apex trade body FBCCI President Mahbubul Alam has advocated for the import of onions from alternative markets if necessary to stabilize supply chain and price.

He said onion import from alternative markets could be considered to maintain a reasonable price for onions and ensure smooth functioning of essential commodities supply chain, said a press release, reports BSS.

To address the ongoing crisis, Mahbubul assured that the FBCCI will provide full support to the businesses involved in importing daily essentials, including onions, from various countries.

He emphasized the importance of selling these products at fair price and urged traders to refrain from artificially inflating onion prices.

Mahbubul put stress on the necessity of onions for individuals from all societal strata, ranging from the lower class to the upper class.

Those, who are causing hardships for personal gains do not represent the true spirit of the business community, he added.


The FBCCI president also called for the cooperation of traders and emphasized the responsibility of the businessmen to prevent the suffering of the common people.

He, as well, focused on vigilance from the entrepreneurs in preventing the destabilization of markets through artificial crises.

The market should import onions from alternative countries to maintain its supply normal if necessary and subsequently provide to the consumers at a fair price, he added.

The FBCCI president also called for increased monitoring of the purchase and sale of onions at the retail, wholesale market and wholesale levels to maintain stable prices.

Mahbubul remained optimistic about the cooperative efforts from the entrepreneurs of this sector in addressing this issue and reiterated his commitment to supporting measures that prioritize the well-being of the general people.