First look of movie ‘Omor’ to be revealed on December 31

Entertainment Report :
The anticipation for a look at Mohammad
Mostafa Kamal Raz directed his latest creation,
‘Omor’ starring Sariful Razz, is reaching its
conclusion as the team wraps up shooting.
The first look of this movie marking Raz’s fifth
venture into cinematic storytelling is set to unveil
on December 31. Notably, the movie’s screenplay
has been written by Siddique Ahmed.
While expressing his excitement, director Raz
stated, “We wrapped up the 25-day ‘Omor’ shoot
in September maintaining strict scene confidentiality. Our team collaborated smoothly. Now, we are focused on finalising post-shooting dubbing and completing the remaining edits. The movie’s first look poster
will be unveiled on December 31 with plans
for a grand festival release.”
Mohammad Mostafa Kamal Raz’s directorial
journey so far includes four movies, titled
‘Projapoti’, ‘Taarkata’, ‘Samraat’ and ‘Jodi Ekdin’.