Foreign segment of Eid Ityadi depicts problems of marginal farmers


Entertainment Desk :
For more than two decades, Hanif Sanket has been regularly portraying our folk culture, history and traditions with
foreigners who live in Bangladesh. Initially, the issue was limited to 10
or 12 foreigners, but now it sometimes reaches hundreds.
And through these foreigners, our
culture is spreading to different parts of the world. Folk culture, rural superstitions, various inconsistencies, social
problems, rural sports, and others are presented throughout the segment.
In this Eid special episode of Ityadi,
foreigners who are working in different embassies and foreign organisations in Bangladesh, will portray the characters of the village people of Bangladesh and
give a social awareness message through their drama, said a press release.
‘Ityadi’ has gained popularity
internationally, and this time citizens from different countries, including the USA, Australia, Japan, Germany, Italy, China, Ireland, Nigeria, Norway, Philippines, and others have performed in this segment. This episode is about the ferocity of middlemen in the marketing of agricultural products in the market and the various problems of marginal farmers. Along with this, there is a dance with foreign participation in a song.
Hanif Sanket said, “The emotional bond that is formed with foreigners after only a few days of acquaintance is never to be forgotten. They are not professionals, but many professional artistes also have a lot to learn from them. I am especially impressed by the punctuality,
devotion, concentration, patience, and sincerity of the foreigners. Since the
audience liked this episode a lot, we tried our best to make the episode
effective. Hopefully, like every time,
the audience will love the episode.”
The show is produced by Fagun Audio Vision and sponsored by Keya
Cosmetics Ltd.
Planned and emceed by Hanif Sanket, the Eid special episode of ‘Ityadi’ is scheduled to go air on BTV and BTV World on the second day of Eid after 8:00pm News.