Free Adamdighi Day today


Adamdighi (Bogra) Correspondent :

Today on December 12, Adamdighi upazila of Bogura was freed in 1971.

The brave freedom fighters fought a guerrilla war with the Pakistani invaders for 9 months and freed the Pakistani invaders from the Adamdighi police station in Bogra by hoisting the victory flag.

At that time, Santahar railway junction station area of the upazila was occupied by Pak invaders and the strong base was used by Pak invaders to control the northern area from that base.

From the first week of March in 1971, the invading forces of Pakistan committed arson, looting, murder, rape of women in every village from village to village in Bengal.


A dark cloud descended on the lives of Bengalis due to their unjust oppression.

Desperate to save the country, the honor of the mother and sisters, the freedom fighters jumped without caring for their lives and started a guerilla attack on Shakra.

From the beginning of the night of December 11, the freedom fighters started attacking the invading forces.

The Pak invaders were disorientated by the attack of the freedom fighters and fled along the railway line in the early morning of December 12.