Govt fails to control essentials price: GM Quader


Staff Reporter :
Opposition leader in parliament and also Jatiya Party (JaPa) chairman GM Quader said the government is completely failed to control the daily commodities price putting countries low and middle income group people in hardship to maintain their daily life.

He said anger is rising in people mind as the essentials price are skyrocketing. People income are not increasing comparing the daily commodities price whereas there wages are decreasing. Financial situation are staying on edge. It is not good sign for the country.

He made the statements during visit to grave of former JaPa chairman Hussain Mohammad Earshad at RangpurPalliNibash along with newly elected JaPa’s 11 parliament members (MP).

He offered prayer there. GM Quader said government initiatives to control price of daily necessities are not working. We are warning the government from early over the issue. Failing to control the price of daily essentials may hamper the government peace in mind.

Opposition leader said there is no political instability in the country. But don’t forget that there is a hidden instability in the country.


Everybody understands that the financial situation in the country is not good.

When asked will JaPa throw any political programme as opposition, Quader said time will say what will happen in future.

GM Quader again raised question over the 12th parliament election saying that this election was not out of question.

I always have talked over the irregularities happened in the polls. My prediction was correct as I doubted that irregularities would have happened in polls.