Green chili price falls Consumers get relief in Ishwardi


Ishwardi (Pabna) Correspondent :

The prices of green chillies have fallen sharply in the markets of Ishwardi. 600 taka per kg of raw chilli is now being sold at 35-40 taka in the retail market and 25-30 taka per kg in the wholesale market. Consumers have expressed relief as the price of raw chillies has come down in just a few days. However, due to the high cost of production, the farmers have said that they are making losses by selling chillies at this price.
At the end of June and in July, the prices of chillies in the market suddenly started to increase by leaps and bounds. The price of one kg of green chillies has increased from Tk 80-100 to Tk 500-600 in the local market. Farmers and traders claimed at that time that the price of the product had increased due to two consecutive months of drought, followed by excessive rainfall, which disrupted production. However, it was widely discussed that unscrupulous businessmen were profiting from chili by spreading rumors. In this situation, the ministry allowed 30 importing companies to import a total of 11,600 metric tons of green pepper. As soon as imported raw materials entered the country through several land ports including Sona Masjid, Hili and Benapole, prices started to fall.