Huge supply of juicy Kalipur litchis in Ctg market


Chattogram Bureau :

Banskhali varieties of litchis are now in the Chattogram markets.

The scent of litchis of the month of honey has spread in the Banskhali roads and highways.

Litchi yields in commercial and domestic hills and flat areas in several unions including Kalipur, Sadhanpur, Pukuria, Belchari, Belchari, Gunagari, Pukuria, Jungle Chambal, Jungle Chambal, and Puichhari. In the gardens of the litchis, it is seen that the tree is hanging in the tree.

Litchi yields in Pukuria, Sadhanpur, Kalipur, Municipality Sadar, Jaldi, in the hill area, along the road, in the courtyard of the house; in the locality garden. There is a demand for litchi all over the district.


According to the Department of Agriculture, litchi cultivation is high in the hill areas of Puichhari, Chambal, Jaladi, Kalipur, Belchari, Sadhanpur. Litchi is the most cultivated in Kalipur. Litchi is cultivated on 5 hectres in 2021, 5 hectres in 2021, 122 hectre in 2022, 5 hectres in 2021, 5 hectres in 2021.

In the upazila, the advanced varieties of Kalipuri litchi, Bombay, China-3, China-2, Mozaffari litchis are cultivated.

China-3 and China-2 varieties of litchis are sold in the business. China three varieties of litchi shells are large, the yield comes late.

Although Kalipuri litchis’ shells are small, the yield comes in advance.