I want to be in hearts of audience with my works: Shirin Shila


Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
Dhallywood’s present generation’s popular actress Shirin Shila loves the poor. She became quite popular for kissing a differently-abled teenager. With a simple mind, Shila pulled the boy to her chest. But that teenager suddenly kissed the heroine Shirin Shila.

There was a lot of confusion about this. Shirin Shila recalled that incident and said, “My friends said that I am a good hearted person after my kiss went viral because I love the poor.

It seemed to me that this was true because if I were proud, if I had any pride in me, I would pull a street boy to my bosom. Then that event would not have happened.

I was wrong. I trusted him and pulled him to the chest. And he abused it.”

This correspondent talked to Shirin Shila about her achievements in 2023 and her plans for 2024. While talking in this regard, the actress told this correspondent, “I got a lot in 2023.

I have no shortcomings. 2023 will be the best year of my life. I got a lot of things in this year. I got a lot of popularity, respect and love. I have released many movies.”

Shirin Shila said about the busyness of 2024, “My movie will be released on January 19. The movie starring me will be released at the beginning of the New Year. I am busy with it now.

The title of my movie is ‘Shesh Baaji’. My co-artiste in this is Symon Sadik. I hope the New Year will be a blast for me.”

What is the most important thing in getting a movie contract? Shirin Shila replied to such a question, “I give more importance to story and director because the life of a movie is its story.

If the story is not good, then I think the audience will not watch that movie. Another thing is the making of movies. A director can give life to any script beautifully.


I think how a director presents a script beautifully is an important thing. So, I am giving more importance to these two things now.”

But Shirin Shila thinks that the directors are not using her properly.

“I don’t think the industry is using me properly.

I feel that I am definitely one of those handsome and beautiful heroines that are needed in the industry. The directors could not use me properly.

I can do much better if I want. If I am used, I can act better. I want the directors to break me more and show a new Shirin Shila on the screen. I don’t want to see this glamour of mine; I want to be a good actress.”

In response to this question, do you get more offers for item songs than movies, Shirin Shila said, “Never. Because I came to be an actress, I didn’t come to be an item girl.

I want to be an actress. Money is not an issue for me. It is much better to sit idle than to take offers of one item after another.”

Regarding talking about her future goals, Shirin Shila said, “My future goal is I want to win the National Film Award.

That’s why I am acting in good story based movies. I want to be in the heart of the audience with my work. So, I’m working selectively now.”