Imran and Zhilik’s new song coming after eight years


Entertainment Report :
Imran Mahmudul, one of the
best musicians of this generation, started his journey professionally with popular music reality show, ‘Shera Kontho’. Imran has been awarded the National Film Award as a singer and composer of a long career in music. Because of that, the responsibility
of making better songs
has increased.
Apart from singing good songs himself, Imran should become more aware when responsibility of composition of tunes come on his shoulders. Imran has been like this since the first day
of his career in music.
This generation’s best musician Imran along with another
melodious musician of this generation Zhilik’s new original song titled ‘Jene Jao Tumi’ is
coming on December 5. Talented lyricist Jamal Hossain wrote lyrics of the song. Imran himself composed the tune and music of the song. The music video of the song was directed
by Saikat Reza.
While talking about the song, Imran Mahmudul told this correspondent, “Zhilik and I started our journey professionally in the music arena through the competition ‘Shera Kontho’ in the same year. Zhilik was the champion and I was the first runner-up. Since then, we have had a good friendly relationship; eight years have passed since we did a new song. We were very surprised to think about it. Anyway Zhilik sings song very well. I am really happy to make new songs for her and sing with her. It is a very nice romantic song. Jamal Bhai wrote lyrics of the song really well.
I tried to compose tune and made music as per my heart. Both of us, Zhilik and I, will be seen together in music video of the song. I hope everyone
will like the song.”
Singer Zhilik shared her feelings by this way, “Imran and I last sang a song titled ‘Besamaal’ from my third song album titled ‘Prothom Prem’. After that, we have not sung a proper song. We have done many stage shows together but we have not done new original songs. The lyrics of this song are so wonderful that’s why I am thankful to Jamal Hossain Bhai. The melody of the song is phenomenal. Sincere thanks to Imran. Overall, I am very hopeful that the song will impress the audience Inshallah.”