Imran getting unusual response to his new song


Entertainment Report :
Imran, one of the most popular singers,
composers and music directors of this
generation, has released his new song titled ‘Bhalobasi Bole Jao’ on his
own YouTube channel, ‘Imran Mahmudul’.
The song is written by Asif Iqbal and
composed by Imran himself.
Marufa Trisha also lent her voice with Imran in this duet song. A day after the release of the song, the song has enjoyed more than five lakh viewers. Imran is very excited to get such an unprecedented response to his released
song on his channel.
While sharing his feelings in this regard, Imran told this correspondent, “As soon as the song was released, I started getting an unprecedented response, Alhamdulillah. I am getting many good comments about this new song of mine. The views of the song in just one day also
surprised me. The song will quickly take place in everyone’s mind – this is my belief.
Saikat Reza Bhai directed the music video of the song. He also made the video with great care. And Marufa Trisha’s voice is
a unique voice. All in all, I believe that the song will leave a mark of time. I want to make
better songs in the future. I want
everyone’s prayers and love.”
Imran said that Maria Shanto was with him
as a model in the song.
Meanwhile, Imran and his entire team left for Germany on at 2:00am flight yesterday.
After consecutive shows in Germany, Paris
and Switzerland, he is scheduled to
return home on April 30.
Notably, Imran received the National Film Awards in two categories for composing and singing song in the movie ‘Bishwosundori’
directed by Chayanika Chowdhury.
Imran has been at the top as the best musician
of this generation for the past several years.
Recently Imran rendered playback song titled ‘Megher Nouka’ also got popularity. This was the song of the movie ‘Prohelika’ produced by Jamal Hossain. Konal was co-singer of Imran in this song. Mahfuz Ahmed and Bubly lip synced in this song of the movie directed
by Chayanika Chowdhury.
Imran also composed the tune and music of this song. Asif Iqbal wrote lyrics of the song.