Irfan Sajjad in title role in Biplob’s movie ‘Ali’

Entertainment Report :
Irfan Sajjad is a popular drama actor. Many of his dramas have gained popularity. Recently, his performance in the drama ‘Celebrate’, directed by Tanmoy Khan, was appreciated.
Also, among the many dramas he acted in earlier, Mabrur Rashid Bannah directed drama titled ‘Amader Golpota Emono Hote Parto’ made the audience cry the most. Monira Mithu and Safa Kabir were Irfan Sajjad’s co-stars in this drama.
Even on OTT platforms, the directors’ interest in Irfan Sajjad has increased due to his acting skills.
Irfan Sajjad has acted in three released movies since the beginning of his acting career. The movies are Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar directed ‘Mon Janena Moner Thikana’, Tania Ahmed’s ‘Bhalobasa Emon e Hoy’, and Alvi Ahmed directed ‘U-Turn’.
‘Ali’ is the fourth movie starring Irfan Sajjad. This is the first time that Irfan has acted in the title role in the movie.
The actor said that the shooting of the movie has already been completed. Regarding talking about acting in the title role in the movie ‘Ali’, Irfan Sajjad told this correspondent, “Since I acted in the title role, I tried to give as much effort as possible in the movie ‘Ali’. The director said he wanted to see ‘Ali’ as ‘Ali’ in me, he got exactly that. Because of that he was very happy. I am also very happy to get the opportunity to play the role of ‘Ali’. In the meantime, the work of editing of the movie has been completed. Some works remain to be done. It is expected that the movie will be released on any Eid next year. I am waiting for the release of this movie more than the previous movies because I am very optimistic about the movie itself.”
Meanwhile, Irfan Sajjad said that he will shoot a Valentine’s Day drama in Sylhet under the direction of Mohidul Mahim on December 28. Keya Payel will be opposite her in the drama.
Also, in the beginning of the New Year, the actor will act in a new web series and a movie titled ‘Mukhosh’. This actor said that he wants to pay more attention to the work of cinema and OTT platforms.