Islamic parties vow to resist ‘farcical’ JS polls


Staff Reporter :
A number of Islamic political parties have vowed to resist the ‘farcical’ one-sided Jatiya Sangsad elections scheduled to be held on January 7 next.

They have demanded for an immediate cancellation of the election and urged to make an arrangement to hold the 12th parliamentary election under a non-party caretaker government.

Islami Andolan Bangladesh and Bangladesh Khilafat Majlis made the demands while addressing large political gatherings at the north gate of Baitul Mokarram National Mosque in the capital on Friday.

After the gatherings, thousands of party leaders and workers brought out processions which marched several streets and chanted slogans ‘down with the government’ and ‘stop farcical election.’

Senior Presidium Member of Islami Andolan Bangladesh Principal Maulana Syed Mosadeque Billah said, “People will resist the farcical election without the opposition parties.”

Urging the government to dissolve the parliament, he said, “Make arrangement for a free and fair election under a national government after the dissolution of the parliament.

Otherwise, the government will not be able to protect itself as people have stood up against the Awami League.”

He also said that Awami League has now become a bankrupt political party because it has lost people’s confidence.

“The ruling party has become dependent on the administration. They don’t have any connection with the people.


The government is now holing a farcical one-sided election without caring for the oppositions and the international quarters.

If election is held against the will of the people, they will not accept it.”

He urged everyone not to provide any assistance to the ‘orchestrated’ election and refrain from voting.

Criticising some political leaders and parties, he said that candidates and parties are being brought into the election process just like buying and selling in a marketplace.

He demanded immediate cancellation of the election schedule and urged for free and fair election through the consultation of all parties.

Another Presidium Member Prof Mahbubur Rahman said, “The government is holding a farcical election at the expense of the public exchequer.

All dummy candidates are eager to contest the polls with the symbol of ‘boat’.”

Later Islami Andolan announced a ‘flag procession’ rally on December 16.

On the other hand, Bangladesh Khilafat Majlis demanded the cancellation of the polls schedule and formation of a non-partisan, neutral government necessary for holding a free, fair and participatory election.