JU Rape mastermind Mamun held


Staff Reporter :
Jahangirnagar University authorities cannot evade responsibility of the recent incident of gang rape of a woman detaining her husband on the campus.

“There are various records of crimes including drugs and rape incidents inside the campus since long. The authorities will have to be taken the responsibility of outsiders’ entrance inside the campus.”

The elite force Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) Legal and Media Wing Director Commander Khandaker Al Moin confirmed this on Thursday responding to a query of reporters.

He said, according to the statements given by those arrested in the recent rape incident, the matter is very alarming (dangerous). University authorities need to be stricter now.

Because we talked to the students, many illegal activities including drugs take place on the campus regularly.

There is a matter of coordination with the law enforcement agencies to prevent these incidents.


If they contact us, ask for cooperation, we will certainly cooperate with them.

We cannot hamper the future assets of the country, he said.
In response to another question, Khandaker Moin said that it was necessary earlier to be careful about involvement of students in crime.

We are not supposed to badmouth everyone, because those who study in the university will lead the future of the country.

So we think, not only now, but they should be kept under surveillance always.