SC's guideline: Judicial officers asked to avoid social media

Staff Reporter :
The Supreme Court administration on Sunday issued a guideline for using social media by the judicial officers.
The guideline, formulated with the recommendation of the Supreme Court Special Committee for Judicial Reforms, was uploaded on the website of the Supreme Court yesterday. “A kind of addition is created over the excessive use of social networking sites, which can leave a negative impact on personal and professional life,” the guideline read.
It further read, “Disobeying the guideline will be considered as ‘misconduct’ and in this case, other acts along with the Bangladesh Judicial Service Rules 2017 will also be effective.”
The judicial officers are strictly instructed to avoid social media from 9.30am to 4.30pm in order to optimum use of office hours, it said.
As per the guideline, the judicial officers have to avoid expressing and disseminating any information and commentary adverse to the national unity.
“They cannot express in social media any information, commentary and feelings that can hurt any religious community or relating to the political views and discussions or discriminatory and humiliation to any community or any person or any institution or the state,” it said.
The judicial officers are instructed not to express in social media any information, commentary and feelings which is gender biased or which can cause public discontent and resentment.
They cannot express any personal feelings about any case and cannot publish any picture and video clip of any judge of the Supreme Court.
They are also instructed not to publish any irrelevant, unnecessary, defamatory and unethical status, post, link and pictures in the social media.