Kona spreads fascination with newly released playback song


Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
The movie ‘Sonar Char’ directed by Vicky Zahed is likely to be released on the upcoming Eid. In the meantime, the song of this movie titled ‘Asmane Ghor Banaichhe Tara’ has already received a lot of response from the audience.

The song is written by Shahabuddin Majumdar. Abid Roni has composed the music. Dilshad Nahar Kona’s sweet singing in the song has spread the fascination in the hearts of the audience. Belal Khan is Kona’s co-singer in the song. Zayed Khan and Snigdha acted in the scene of the song.

Kona’s hope with this song of folk genre is that the audience will like the song.

While talking about the song, Kona told this correspondent, “In the movie ‘Sonar Char’, the song ‘Asmane Ghor Banaichhe Jara’ is a little different from the conventional genre songs.

That’s why when I rendered the song; I thought that the audience would like it if the song was released. But that’s right. This song is a new addition to my music career.

There are some songs that live forever in the heart of the audience. So, it is this song. Thanks to the director of the movie and everyone associated with this song.”

Kona said that some of her new songs will be released in several dramas in the upcoming Eid.

It is noted that Kona is the only one singer in the world of music in Bangladesh who is currently busy in jingle, voice over and dubbing. Singer Sumona Haque was once called the ‘jingle queen’ of Bangladesh.


Now Kona is staying at that place of Sumona Haque.

While talking in this regard, Kona said, “My main identity is that I am a musician.

In addition to this, because I like doing jingle, giving voice over, and dubbing.

Even after the pressure of doing many of my songs because I like it jingle, voice over, and dubbing – I like doing these things very much. But when in front of the microphone by giving voice for the song, that love is different. Nothing else compares to this.”

Kona informed that in the meantime, she has done playback in another new movie. Apart from this, the singer is also talking about the stage show after Eid.

Notably, Kona was awarded the first National Film Award for playback in the movie ‘Bishwosundori’.

Kona got invited to the state functions of the country because of the National Film Award. It is also a matter of pride for her, according to the singer.