Krishnokoli returns


Entertainment Report :
Krishnokoli’s song means different mood of words and music, different feelings. It’s been a long time since any of his new songs are available.

The audience is missing out. But that regret is running out. Earlier this Eid, Gorai Music released a song titled ‘Klanto’ sung by Krishnokoli Islam.

Arko Suman wrote and composed the song of such words ‘Klanto Tai Chokh Pata, Klanto Hoye Chokher Pata, Bondho Ghore Moner Kata, Khunjchhi Tare,
Khunjchhi Jare.’

While talking about her new song, Krishnokoli told this correspondent, “The song ‘Kalanto’ is a song made many years ago.

I remember, when Arko wrote the song, we were having a big fight. Both are in trouble. Then Ark asked me to tune the song, if I will give voice to the song.


Listening to the song I say the song can be done. The lyrics and melody of the song are great. When this song from many years ago came out after being
hidden for so long, it’s nice to think about it.”

Regarding the release of the song, Fakhrul Arefin Khan, the owner of the Gorai Music and filmmaker, said, “After starting the Gorai Music in the beginning, this is the first time any famous artiste released song.

The song was originally made for the movie ‘Aim in Life’ a long time ago. But the movie was not made for various reasons.

So, the song was released this Eid. The first lyrical video of the song was released on Chand Raat. The music video of the song will be released after Eid.”