Kumar Bishwajit releases Eid song

Entertainment Report :
Evergreen singer Kumar Bishwajit’s new song titled Shudhu Tomar Jonnyo has been released on YouTube
channel of Gaanchhobi Entertainment recently on the
occasion of Eid. Shahid Mahmud Jangi wrote lyrics
of the song while Naqueeb Khan has composed its music. Bappa Mazumder has composed rhythm of the song and its music video was made by Arafat Setu. While talking about the song, Naqueeb Khan said, “While composing music of the song I really felt good because after many days we worked together. We tried to make a trendy song. If the listeners like the song, our efforts will
become successful. I give thanks to Bappa to co-operate
us a lot for this song.”
Shahid Mahmud Jangi said, “It is said that all of us specially journey of Kumar Bishwajit and Naqueeb Khan was in same time. We walked again together after a long time. It is really a likeable matter for us.”
Kumar Bishwajit shared his feelings by this way, “After releasing the song on YouTube, I have been receiving response from the viewers. Basically it was an exceptional typed song. Rendering trendy song we tried to give our level best effort to keep our own originality. There is a reflection of love in the song. We are remaining in the field of music for many years. But we couldn’t get the scope to work together for many days. At last, after a long time, we rendered song together which initiative was taken by Naqueeb Bhai. I am very much optimistic about the song. I have cordial gratefulness to Bappa for the song. If we work like this next time new generation will get encourage and interest to continue music.”