Lakhs of hindu devotees converge for Ashtami Snan in Kishoreganj


Sr. Staff Reporter, Kishoreganj :
Hundreds of thousands of Hindu devotees gathered at the old Brahmaputra river in Hossionpur, Kishoreganj, to partake in the one-day religious bath festival known as Ashtami Snan. The event, held on Tuesday, attracted pilgrims from various parts of the country who believe in the spiritual cleansing power of the river’s waters.
The pilgrimage, a tradition among Hindu communities, draws crowds seeking purification from sins through the sacred dip in the Brahmaputra. Alongside the religious rituals, a folk fair spanning approximately two kilometers along the riverbank offered a diverse array of products including beds, hand fans, sweets, and more, brought by vendors from different regions of the country.
Community leader and journalist Prodeep Sarker praised the overall management and security measures of the event. The Snan celebration committee reported a notable increase in devotee participation from across the country this year.