Land service hotline to be inaugurated Oct 10

Land Minister Saifuzzaman Chowdhury said the land service hotline (call centers) of the ministry of Land will set out on October 10.
“It will be a milestone in the process of providing transparent and efficient land services to the people from our hotline number -16123”, a press release quoted the Land Minister recently saying that at a meeting with the Land Reform Board officials at the BIWTA board headquarters building in Motijheel.
He also said, “We want to ensure transparency in every land office of the country. Initiatives to set up the hotline were taken to hear out the feedbacks and complaints of irregularities of the Land Office from the citizens”.
He urged the respective authorities to complete the process of bringing applicable assets of the court of wards into schedule ‘A’ and to accelerate land management automation activities, said the release.
He also gave directives to the AC lands, to work with transparency and accountability and instructed them to prepare the list of the government khas lands within their respective jurisdictions as well.
The guests of the meeting stressed on collecting land development tax from government agencies, saying that the Prime Minister has a strict directive to this end.
In addition, the meeting recommended taking strong steps in obtaining money from land acquisition cases and to continue the lease activities of all the land which was granted as per the directions of the ministry of land, added the release.
Chairman of the Land Reform Board (LRB) Ummul Hasna chaired the meeting.