Lynch miscreants: MP Ibrahim

News Desk :
Amid international criticism of Bangladesh’s law enforcers over alleged extrajudicial killings, a lawmaker has suggested the public should take matters into their own hands and kill miscreants.
HM Ibrahim, the Awami League MP from Noakhali-1, said he would take responsibility for “ordering the fatal mob beatings”. He later regretted the remarks, reports
“I am ordering this: nothing will happen if all the miscreants are beaten to death. Lynch them if you can,” he said at a commemoration for a late local Awami League leader at Muhuriganj High School ground in Sonaimuri Upazila on Friday.
A video of his speech has gone viral on social media.
“If anyone files a case [over the lynching], I will be the prime accused, I promise you as an MP,” Ibrahim said.
He then asked the Awami League workers if his message was clear to them. “If the police fail, I am instructing you to lynch all these miscreants who are torturing people and making it difficult for them to sleep.”
Speaking to on Saturday, Ibrahim regretted making the comments in a public meeting as a lawmaker. “I actually said these to warn the miscreants and to make people aware.”
“I shouldn’t have spoken like this.”
Harun Ur Rashid, chief of Sonaimuri Police Station, declined to comment on Ibrahim. “I attended another programme where the MP was also present, but not the one where he made the remarks. I should not comment on a lawmaker’s speech.”