Maldives halts visa issuance to BD migrants


Staff Reporter :
The Maldivian government has suspended issuing visas for Bangladeshi migrant workers.

The move has came as per the Maldivian law which allow only 100,000 foreign workers from a country are permitted to work in Maldives.

Bangladeshi workers have crossed the mark, sources said.

Meanwhile, the Bangladeshi High Commission in Male, said in a press release, that it is working to increase the quota and resume the issuance of visas.


The high commission also noted that there is no opportunity to work in the Maldives without an approved employer. Several unskilled workers have been deported for violating this law.

“Many people have come to Maldives saying have free visa and search work. But there is nothing called free visa,” the high commission said.

The high commission warned the migrant oriented people not to go Maldives without specific working visa.