Maldives recruiting BD docs, nurses

Reza Mahmud :
Maldives is taking skilled Bangladeshi manpower including doctors and nurses right now while the country suspended to import non-skilled manpower for two years due to the pandemic, sources said.
“Maldives is not a big country, but there is good demand of our manpower. Our people have earned goodwill in the country. The wage structure in Maldives is good. As a result our workers also happy working there,” Benjir Ahmed, MP, former President of Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies told The New Nation on Thursday.
He said, there are huge prospects of sending our doctors and nurses, as the wages of those jobs are luxurious.
“The demands in other sectors are also increasing because different sectors of the country are remaining un-progressed for the pandemic. Now, the pandemic situation is imparing and other financial activities have begun.”
“As such, different sectors of the country are searching for Bangladeshi workers as they are reliable and hard working,” said Benjir Ahmed.
Maldives, the South Asian tiny country has potentials for Bangladeshi manpower  
especially skilled ones for long.
Sources said, about one lakh Bangladeshi migrant workers are working in the country now.
Among them, about 50 thousand of expatriate workers are working legally while the rest 50 thousand have become undocumented.
The government of Maldives has started a process to make the undocumented workers legalized.
The BAIRA leader said that they have learned that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will visit the country soon and would discuss the manpower importing issue.
Meanwhile, Mohammad Nazmul Hasan, Bangladeshi High Commissioner to Maldives said, “The Bangladeshi manpower import has been suspended since September 2019 due to pandemic. But doctors and nurses are going there in a good number with high salaries.”
He said that Bangladeshi workers have gained enormous reputations in that country and only they are working comparatively lower wages than the other.
As a result, huge demands of Bangladeshi manpower have been created there.
“Today or tomorrow, Maldives will reopen its labour market for our workers because, the industry there is demanding it hugely,” the High Commissioner said.
Sources from the expatriates’ in the islands country said that they have been doing well there.
Most of the Bangladeshi workers are working in hotel, restaurants, factories and offices there with good salaries.
They have used to send Tk 40 thousand to 50 thousand every month to their families to the country.
Meanwhile, a number of Bangladeshi migrants are becoming undocumented in there and are trying to be legalized through a government process.