Mehazabien gets acclaim for ‘Ananya’

Entertainment Report :
Director Mohammad Mostafa Kamal Raz’s
latest fiction titled ‘Ananya’ has been released on YouTube channel of Cinemawala. Mehazabien starrer this project has been
receiving acclaim
since its premiere.
Currently trending at number 3 with 2.9 million views, the actress expressed her elation for the appreciation received on social media from the audience.
The plot, centred around the sacrifice of a mother, evokes emotions and relatability amongst the audience.
Netizens have positively commented on the heartwarming storyline praising Mehazabien and the director.
According to Mehazbien, ‘Ananya’ is a simple and straightforward story, presented in an easily understandable manner. She emphasises the significance of acknowledging and addressing the challenges faced by working mothers. Through this work, the actress has targeted the provision of opportunities and facilities for working women, dispelling misconceptions surrounding them.
Her goal is for everyone to relate to the narrative from their respective perspectives. She said, “I believe we could successfully convey the essence, reaching at least a portion of the audience.”