Mila, Keya, Pushpita, Muna will sing together on same TV channel tonight

From left to right: Shamima Mila, Sharmin Keya, Nuzhat Pushpita and Mohua Muna

Entertainment Report :

Four singers of this generation will perform music together on same TV channel tonight. These singers are: Shamima Mila, Sharmin Keya, Nuzhat Pushpita and Mohua Muna.
Today (May 18) at 10:50pm, these four singers – Mila, Keya, Pushpita and Muna will perform music for more than two hours on Asian TV’s live musical programme titled ‘Asian Music.’
Singer Sharmin Keya confirmed the matter to this correspondent yesterday.
While talking in this regard, Sharmin Keya told this correspondent, “Presented by Sharmin Sumi, tonight we, four musicians, will sing songs in a live musical programme titled ‘Asian Music.’ I hope that those who are regular viewers of ‘Asian Music’ will enjoy the show, as well as more interested music lovers will also watch the live programme because together four of us are going to present some good songs to the audience. Thanks to Asian TV for keeping us involved in such a beautiful event.”
Singer Shamima Mila said, “Before this, four singers have never had the opportunity to sing together on any TV channel. Hope tonight’s event will be enjoyable. I have my sincere gratitude to those who will be with us as musicians.”
Another singer of the show, Nuzhat Pushpita is very optimistic about tonight’s arrangement.
Meanwhile, other singer Mohua Muna said that she will perform folk songs at the event.
While talking in this regard, Muna told this correspondent, “I can sing two types of music – folk and modern. My village is in Manikganj. I learned my music at different times in different academies in Manikganj. I am trying to become a musician by cherishing music. I have sincere gratitude to Asian TV for such an arrangement. We hope that today’s Asian music event will become very enjoyable with the participation of all of us. We will try to impress with songs.” Meanwhile, there are several original songs released by singer Mohua Muna. But her first response song is ‘Bhelua’. The song is written and composed by Jahangir Rana. Akash Mahmud arranged the music of the song.
On the other hand, Sharmin Keya’s latest released original song was ‘Chhuiyo Na’.
The song is written by Lutfor Hasan. The song is composed by Ehsan Rahi. Keya is also busy in regular stage shows.
However, the original song in Shamima Mila’s voice titled ‘Mon Kemoner Bari’ is also very popular.
Atiur Rahman wrote lyrics of the song, while Rajon Saha composed music of the song.
Meanwhile, Nuzhat Sabiha Pushpita, the champion of ‘Khudey Gaanraj’ of 2015, has lent her voice to a drama song titled ‘Abujh Moner Prem’.
The song is written and composed by Krishnendu Bhowmik.