Mini library set up at Bhangura Children’s Park

Bhangura (Pabna) Correspondent :

Md. Nahid Hasan Khan,UNO of Bhangura,Pabna has set up a handsome mini library at Shishu Park of Bhangura Upazila Parishad in Pabna. Where seating is provided for the reader. Representatives of local poets, writers and civil society have applauded UNO’s exceptional initiative. Poet Nuruzzaman Musafir said that children come to the park and rejoice and parents spend idle time. Because of this library, they too can enjoy reading and reading books while sitting in the park.
Abu Zafar Moyen Siddiqui, a former professor of Bengali literature at the government Haji Jamal Uddin Degree College, said no one wants to go to the library just to read books. Because there have a library in this park of Bhangura is an opportunity to enjoy both entertainment and reading books.
UNO Md. Nahid Hasan Khan said that most of the time the elders come to the park with the children. Many times they also come to the park for a walk. We plan to seating arrengment on the bank of the pond for them to rest and to set up a library called “Nirjharini” . It has been fully implemented in the last month of Ramadan.
It is to be noted that the collection of the mini-library contains the glorious role of the Father of the Nation in the Liberation War, various history and tradition books on Pabna district, religious texts and books on virtuous persons as well as stories, novels, poems and essays.