Ministry serves showcause notice to 6 hajj agencies


Kamruzzaman Bablu :
The Ministry of Religious Affairs has taken action against six Hajj agencies for failing to process the visas of 1875 Hajj pilgrims within the designated timeframe.

According to an insider, the ministry issued showcase notices to these agencies and sent a letter on Tuesday, requesting an explanation within two days.

Furthermore, the ministry has directed these agencies to expedite the visa processing for all Hajj pilgrims without delay. The Hajj flights commenced on May 9, and up to this point, 17,031 pilgrims have arrived in Saudi Arabia.

The majority of the 259 agencies or lead agencies involved in organizing Hajj have successfully completed the visa procedures.

However, six specific agencies have not made any progress in processing visas for Hajj pilgrims despite repeated requests from the ministry.


This delay has led to the ministry’s decision to issue showcase notices and demand prompt action from the agencies concerned.

The ministry’s primary objective is to ensure that all Hajj pilgrims receive their necessary documentation promptly, enabling them to embark on their pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs has expressed concern over the uncertainty faced by Hajj pilgrims due to delays in visa processing by certain agencies. A letter signed by a senior assistant secretary of the ministry stated that such actions by the accused agencies are hindering the proper management of the Hajj pilgrimage.

The agencies identified as World Link Tours and Travels (286), Ansari Overseas (260), Al Risan Travel Agency (444), Miqat Tours and Travels (375), North Bengal Hajj Travels and Tours (260), and Holi Darun Najat Hajj Overseas (250) have been issued notices to provide explanations for their failure to complete the visas of the pilgrims within the stipulated time. The ministry has set a deadline of May 15 for these agencies to submit a proper explanation regarding the visa processing delays.