Momtaz’s Eid song ‘Tejpata’


Entertainment Report :
In one of the busiest kitchen markets of the capital, popular folk singer Momtaz suddenly came to the crowd of daily essential shops including vegetables,
fish and meat. Momtaz was accompanied by a group of Baul singers.

With them this popular folk singer sings a song titled ‘Bujhle Naki Bujhpata, Na Bujhile Tejpata, Amito Bhai Kichhui Bujhi Na.’

This song has been released on the YouTube channel of TM Records on the occasion of Eid.

Apart from writing the lyrics of the song, its tune and music has been composed by the Kaushik Hossain Taposh.

Regarding talking about the new song, singer Momtaz told this correspondent, “I did a new song on Eid after many days.


It is undoubtedly a big Eid banger for the audience. I believe everyone will like the song.”

Momtaz also said, “Popular folk songs in our country are simple like, in people’s mouths, and also the lyrics of this song are very nice. This is my new ‘Tejpata’ song that is so simple and beautiful.

We shot the song for fun with a short time at a kitchen market. This song will add a new dimension to the joy of the audience in the festival of Eid and Baisakh.”

Meanwhile, Taposh returned to production as a producer after 16 years by producing the music video of this song.