Monir Khan, Belly Afroz enthral audience with songs outside the country


Entertainment Report :
Bangladesh’s popular musician Monir Khan is now in Belgium. He is spending time at the Radisson Hotel there. From there, Monir Khan said that on May 19, he has impressed the expatriate Bangladeshis in Belgium with his songs. Country’s popular stage show performer Belly Afroz also performed music on the same stage in the presentation of the country’s popular presenter Shanta Jahan.
Monir Khan informed that he will perform in Switzerland on May 24, in Barcelona on June 1, and in France on June 4. Belly Afroz will sing with him as usual in those concerts.
Basically expatriate Bangladeshis invited to sing there. As musicians they are accompanied by Selim on guitar, Rajib on keyboard and Shakib on Octopod. While contacted with Monir Khan, he told this correspondent on Tuesday from Belgium, “Before that I performed music in Switzerland, Barcelona and France. But this is the first time, I have sung in Belgium. I was impressed by the love of the expatriate Bangladeshi audience there. Shanta, Belly Afroz and Laila are on this team with me. Belly Afroz is an amazing performer on stage. Her performance impressed me. My time in Belgium will always be in my memory for absolute joy and happiness. I give thanks to the organisers.” Meanwhile, singer Belly Afroz shared her feelings by this way, “This is my first stage show in Europe. When I come to sing outside the country, I love Bangladeshi expatriates and I am overwhelmed with emotion. Because in the middle of the song they are looking for the land of emotion, mother and soil, someone or father, someone or mother, someone or his wife, someone or his lover, and someone is looking for his child. I am also often overwhelmed by emotions in songs. It was very nice to be with Monir Khan Bhai. The time was very enjoyable. Honestly, since I am a singer, I want to spend my whole life singing. I want everyone’s prayers. I give thanks to the organisers because of whom I was able to listen to the songs of Bangladeshi brothers and sisters living abroad.”
Meanwhile, Monir Khan also said that after the show in France, everyone will return home on June 7.
However, Monir Khan’s daughter Mounota got an opportunity to study in a university in London, so Monir Khan will return to Bangladesh via London.
Meanwhile, Belly Afroz performed music at Chattogram Club and Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel in Dhaka before leaving the country, according to the singer.