Mother’s Day returns with happiness, celebrations

City Desk :
After observing two back-to-back “no hugs” Mother’s Day due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, mothers and their children in Bangladesh as elsewhere across the globe finally celebrated the occasion on Sunday by expressing love and affection towards each other.
The day was developed and commercialized in the US and followed by the rest of the world, and it has since been observed through special indoor and outdoor events focused on spreading the love for mothers across the globe, reports UNB.
People in Bangladesh and around the world celebrated the day on Sunday by presenting gifts to their mother as a norm of expressing love to them for always being there, authoring beautiful letters for their mother and making their mother’s favourite meals on the jovial occasion.
Those who live away had to make do with phone conversations and video chats, to minimize the distance by making phone calls and video calls and those who lost their mothers, pray for their departed souls on this day.
Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were flooded with special messages and write-ups from ordinary people to celebrities, for their mothers.