Murder on The Road Who is Responsible?

Majhar Mannan :
It is very difficult to find a day in 365 days of the year when there are no casualties in road accidents. The procession of death on the road seems to have become a normal thing. There is no way to pull the reins. Like every time, this year also 75 fresh lives fell on the road on Eid. Almost 20 people were killed on the day after Eid. However, bikers and riders have been the victims of more accidents this year. 31 bikers and riders lost their lives during Eid holidays. The big question is why the cause of the road accident is not solved when everyone knows it. Several steps have also been taken to prevent road accidents. But that has not changed much. Where is the fault then? Will it continue like this?
The biggest movement was in 2016 when two students of Ramizuddin College were killed in a road accident. At that time several initiatives were taken but they did not bring much success. In fact, the wound is very deep. Road and transport mismanagement has reached such a stage that no one can eliminate it overnight. Those who use the road regularly know the level of discipline on the road. However, there are no accurate statistics on the percentage of actual and skilled drivers. Analysis of the number of road accidents has shown that about 80 percent of the drivers are inexperienced, incompetent and uncertified. The bus helper drove for hours on the highway. Who will take the responsibility?
There is a mess in the street and everyone is involved in an unequal competition. Who will go before whom? And the ruthless victims of this death are ordinary people. But how can the anarchy on the road be handled?
Long-distance buses ply the roads uncontrollably. Also local buses pick up passengers standing here and there. The car is parked in the middle of the road to pick up the passengers and this resulted in severe congestion. No one seems to see it. The rules seem to cry in secret. The buses rushed to pick up the passengers. This created anarchy on the road. Time is wasted. And to cover this time he drove recklessly. The question is where do the drivers get so much courage?
When will we properly follow the road discipline? In fact, there is no alternative to drastic measures in this regard. The number of road patrols and traffic police is not enough in our country. The number of patrols and traffic police should be doubled. Violators of road discipline should be subject to exemplary punishment and adequate fines. We have to make arrangements so that there is no opportunity for anyone to give a discount. After an accident in our country, it is known that someone other than the real driver was driving the car. But why is it not known before the accident? We have weaknesses in the checking system.
How many more heartbreaking screams to see? There is no chance to sit for safe roads. Everyone needs to be aware. Those involved in road management need to play a much bigger role. Road accidents should not be considered as mere accidents but should be treated as road killings and severe punishment should be ensured. The BRTA needs to show more responsibility. Strict care must be taken to ensure that driving certificate is not readily available. Unplanned hat bazaars and shops along the highway should be stopped. Those who have the power to restore order on the road need to be more responsible. The state apparatus cannot avoid this responsibility even if it wants to, because the main responsibility of restoring order on the road belongs to the state. The state must take the toughest possible steps where there will be no room for flexibility. The state has to show zero tolerance.

(Majhar Mannan is Assistant Professor, B A F Shaheen College Kurmitola, Dhaka Cantonment).