Nachiketa, Joy Shahriar team up for new song


Entertainment Desk :
Nachiketa and Joy Shahriar have
collaborated on a new song titled ‘Arektibar Bancho’, released yesterday
by Aajob Records.
The song, penned by Tanbir Sajib and composed by Joy Shahriar, features
a music video directed by Joy Shahriar himself with cinematography
by Joy Shahriar and Jahid Hassan, said a press release.
Nachiketa expressed his admiration for Joy Shahriar. He said, “Joy is one of my favorite singer-songwriters. I have worked with him on several occasions before. This is the first time I sang to Tanbir Sajib’s lyrics. He has written it beautifully. The song has come together really well, and I hope everyone enjoys the song.”
Tanbir Sajib shared his thoughts on the song by this way, “I have been writing songs for quite some time now. It’s a dream come true to have my own song sung by a beloved artist. I have tried to capture the essence of time and convey messages of hope through the lyrics.”
Joy Shahriar commented on the
collaboration with Nachiketa.
He said, “Nachiketa dada is one of my favourite artists. I always learn a lot whenever I work with him. I am very pleased with the outcome. I hope
listeners will enjoy this song.”
The song ‘Arektibar Bancho’ is available for streaming on Spotify, and iTunes. The music video can be viewed on
Joy Shahriar’s YouTube channel.