Nadia performs in four types of dance under own direction


Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
Nadia Ahmed is a model, actress and dancer. Although she is busy with
acting, she is comfortable to introduce herself as a dancer. She is going to present herself on the TV screen in the identity that she is comfortable with.
Nadia Ahmed is a listed dancer and dance director of BTV. This time she participated in the match under
his own management besides
working as a dance instructor.
Nadia Ahmed said that she has
conducted four types of solo dance with modern music in classical, Rajasthani, modern and hilly dance performed by herself. Shaon Shah was Nadia’s co-artiste only in the hilly dance. In this special dance
programme, Nadia Ahmed directed but Shaon Shah assisted in it. Shaon Shah was also in the costume design.
While talking in this special dance programme for Eid, Nadia told this
correspondent, “Before this, I have not had the opportunity to direct any dance routine for any TV channel.
I express my sincere gratitude to
BTV authorities for giving me such an opportunity. I have tried to present each individual performance properly. Of course, I am sincerely grateful
to Shaon Shah. I have a special request to the audience to watch
this show of my solo dance.”
Nadia Ahmed informed that she
tried to bring weight in each dance and dress So that she can present
herself more aesthetically.
Meanwhile, Nadia will be seen in three Eid serials in the upcoming Eid. These Eid serials are: Ezaz Munna’s ‘Ami Dur Hote Tomarei Dekhechhi,’ Kaiser Ahmed’s ‘Digital Bokulpur’
and Al Hazen’s ‘Canada Ranada.’
Therefore, she also did one more drama before she went to America.
She said that there is a possibility
of airing that drama soon.