Nancy reunites with Milon after nine years for a duet track


Entertainment Report :
It’s been almost nine years since popular singers Nazmun Munira Nancy and Muhammad Milon last collaborated on a musical endeavour.

However, breaking the long break, they recently graced the airwaves with their harmonious voices in a duet song titled ‘Bolbo Koto Ar’.

Penned by the talented lyricist Robiul Islam Jibon and set to music by the skilled composer and singer Imran Mahmudul, this song marks a long-awaited return to the limelight for the duo.

Reflecting on this much-anticipated release, singer Milon expressed his delight and said, “After a lengthy hiatus of nine years, Nancy Apu and I have once again joined forces in a song.

Imran Bhai’s masterful composition sets the perfect backdrop for the poignant lyrics crafted by Jibon Bhai. I am hopeful that this musical collaboration will resonate with audiences far and wide.”

Their previous musical collaboration dates back to nine years ago when they lent their voices to the enchanting melody titled ‘Dana Kata Pori’, released under the banner of CD Choice.


Composed by Imran Mahmudul and penned by Snehashish Ghosh, this song left a lasting impression on listeners and became a massive hit.

Milon fondly reminisced about their earlier collaboration describing it as a dream come true.

While talking in this regard, he said, “When I first sang with Nancy apu nine years ago, it felt surreal. Now, as we reunite for the new song, it’s like reliving that dream. Imran bhai’s musical arrangement adds another layer of depth to our performance.”

The musical journey of Milon gained momentum a decade ago with the release of the album titled ‘Sokhi Bhalobasa Kare Koy’.

Since then, Milon has captivated audiences with a string of hits, including ‘Tumi Chhara’, ‘Ektu Ektu Kore’, ‘Chupi Chupi’, ‘Lokkhi Shona’, ‘Moner Dukkho’, ‘Prem Rog’, ‘Koto Je Bhalobasi’, ‘Paina Toke’, among others.