NDC course-2024 delegation visits FBCCI


Staff Reporter :
A delegation from the National Defence College (NDC) Course- 2024 visited FBCCI, the apex trade organization of the country, on Wednesday as part of the course curriculum.

Higher Officials from Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Air Forces, Bangladesh NAVY, and Bangladesh Civil Service including members of foreign armed forces from India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Nepal, China, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, Nigeria, Zambia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Mali visited the FBCCI.

The NDC delegation was led by Air vice Marshal a S M Fakhrul Islam. While addressing the delegation, Senior Vice President of the FBCCI Md. Amin Helaly highlighted the mission, vision, and objectives of FBCCI, said a press release.

FBCCI Senior Vice President said, “As we move towards a new economic trajectory post-LDC Graduation by 2026, FDI is highly required to promote economic diversification, technology-based transformations, and create good quality jobs.”

He said there are new challenges associated with graduation, particularly for the export sector that relies on trade privileges.

In this regard, the private sector of the country is relentlessly working with the government to identify promising countries for FTAs and PTAs by analyzing export potential and existing trade barriers.

At the same time, cross-border business policies also need to be simplified and business-friendly for mutual economic growth, he added.


Md. Amin Helaly also urged the members of the delegation from foreign countries to carry forward a very positive impression of Bangladesh to their respective countries.

Head of the NDC delegation Air Vice Marshal A S M Fakhrul Islam highly appreciated FBCCI’s activities and initiatives in shaping the economic progress of Bangladesh.

He said that such kind of visit to FBCCI will enrich NDC trainees’ knowledge about the private sector’s activities and contributions to the national economy.

In the open discussion, FBCCI Vice President Md. Munir Hossain said it is important to continue such communication between the government and the private sector for the socio-economic development of the country.

Brig. Gen. A M M Khairul Kabir concluded the program by thanking FBCCI leaders and NDC course members.

FBCCI Director Md. Iqbal Hossain Chowdhury, Hafez Hazi Harun-Or- Rashid, Mohd. Ishaqul Hossain Sweet, Secretary General of FBCCI Md. Alamgir, Advisor of FBCCI Safety Council Brig. Gen. (Retd) Abu Nayeem Md. Shahidullah and other dignitaries were present at the programme.