NEC approves Tk 2.65 lakh crore ADP for FY25


Staff Reporter  :
The National Economic Council (NEC) on Thursday approved a Taka 2.65 lakh crore Annual Development Programme (ADP) for the next fiscal year (FY25), putting the highest allocation of Taka 70,687.75 crore (26.67pc) in the transport and communication sector.

The NEC meeting with its Chairperson and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the chair at the NEC Conference Room in the city’s Sher-e-Bangla Nagar area approved it.

Planning Division Senior Secretary Satyajit Karmakar, briefed it to media after the meeting. He said that of the total ADP outlay of Taka 2,65,000 crore, Taka 1,65,000 crore will come from the local sources and Taka 1 lakh crore from foreign sources.

The original ADP size for the outgoing fiscal year (FY24) was Taka 2.63 lakh crore.
Planning Minister Major General (Retd) Abdus Salam, State Minister for Planning Md Shahiduzzaman Sarker, Planning Commission members and respective secretaries were present in the briefing.

Apart from the original ADP outlay of Taka 2,65,000 crore, the NEC meeting also approved an allocation of Taka 13,288.91 crore for the autonomous bodies and corporations as their ADP for the next fiscal year (FY25). Out of the amount, Taka 11,698.96 crore will come from local sources, while Taka 1,589.95 crore will come from foreign sources.

Considering the allocation against the autonomous bodies and corporations, the overall ADP size reached Taka 2,78,288.91 crore for the next fiscal year, the Planning Secretary said. He said that the fresh ADP features 1,321 projects, including 1,133 investment projects, 21 feasibility projects, 87 technical assistance projects, and some 80 projects, to be implemented by the autonomous bodies and corporations.


The new ADP includes some 1,225 fresh projects, 80 of those are PPP projects and 300 projects to be implemented from the climate change trust fund.

The Senior Secretary said considering some 22 more projects, that are nearing completion, a record number of 356 projects would be completed by June 30 of this fiscal year.

The highest allocated 10 sectors in the ADP for next fiscal year (FY25) are: Transport and Communication Sector with an allocation of Taka 70,687.75 crore (26.67pc), Power and energy sector with Taka 40,751.86 crore (15.38pc), Education sector with Taka 31,528.60 crore (11.36pc), Housing and Community Facilities Sector with Taka 24,868.03 crore (9.38pc), Health Sector with Taka 20,682.88 crore (7.80pc), Local government and rural development sector with Taka 17,986.21 crore (6.79pc), Agriculture Sector with Taka 13,219.59 crore (4.99pc), Environment, climate change and water resources sector with Taka 11,089.43 crore (4.18pc), Industry and Economic services sector with Taka 6,492.18 crore (2.45pc), and Science and ICT Sector with Taka 4,786.92 crore (1.25pc).

These 10 sectors witnessed an allocation of Taka 2,42,093.45 crore, which is 90.25 percent of the overall allocation.

On the other hand, the highest allocated 10 ministries and Divisions are: Local Government Division with Taka 38,808.88 crore (15pc), Road Transport and Highways Division with Taka 32,042.43 crore (12.39pc), Power Division with Taka 29,176.70 crore (11.28pc), Primary and Mass Education with Taka 16,135.52 crore (6.24pc), Health Services Division with Taka 13,741.33 crore (5.31pc), Ministry of Railways with Taka 13,725.64 crore (5.31 pc), Ministry of Science and Technology with Taka 12,886.70 crore (4.98pc), Secondary and Higher Education Division with Taka 11,387.69 crore (4.40pc), Ministry of Shipping with Taka10,373.45 crore (4.01pc) and Ministry of Water Resources with Taka 8,687.09 crore (3.36pc).

These 10 highest allocated ministries and divisions witnessed an overall allocation of Taka1,86,965.43 crore or 71.88 percent of the overall ADP allocation against ministries and divisions.