New Year’s first drama


Entertainment Report :
For the past few years, Mihi Ahsan is trying to become an actress little by little by acting in some good story based dramas among the new actresses.
On the other hand, Siam Mridha is trying to develop himself as a perfect actor by acting in dramas for the past one year.
Earlier also Siam Mridha and Mihi acted together in drama. However, this is the first time both Siam Mridha and Mihi acted together in this generation’s talented director Shamsul Huda’s direction in a drama titled ‘Ami Kotipoti Hoboi’.
This drama has been made as the first drama of the New Year. The story of the drama is written by Bidyut Roy. Soon the drama will be aired on DG Production YouTube channel.
Regarding talking about the drama, its director Shamsul Huda told this correspondent, “This is the first time to produce my drama together with Siam Mridha and Mihi. I have tried to create a wonderful story drama for the new age audience. Heartfelt thanks to Siam Mridha and Mihi for doing the work with heart. And I have sincere gratitude to Abul Hossain Majumdar Bhai for being by my side.”
Actor Siam Mridha said, “I like the story of the drama more. Shamsul Huda is very sincere as a director. His modesty and smile impressed me. As a director needs to be discreet and tidy, he is. I really liked working under his direction. As since I have worked with actress Mihi before, so even one task was quite enjoyable for me.”
Actress Mihi shared her feelings by this way, “I like the work (drama) very much. I usually don’t feel comfortable working on similar stories. ‘Ami Kotipoti Hoboi’ is the story of this time. The audience usually likes this kind of story at this time. That’s why I did the job. We hope that the labor of those who have done the work with labour will be worthwhile.”