ILO to organise discussion in Geneva for Rana Plaza victims

25 April 2014

BSS, Dhaka :
The International Labour Organisation (ILO) Bureau for Workers' Activities will organise a panel discussion on 28 April, to pay tribute to the memory of the victims of Rana Plaza building collapse, which killed 1138 workers and injured over 2000 others a year ago.
The penal discussions will be held at the ILO headquarters in Geneva on the day, which has been established by the International Labour Movement as "Workers' Memorial Day". The ILO has supported the move, and in 2003 declared it the World Day for Safety and Health at Work.
By organising an event on this day, ILO wants to pay tribute to the memory of the Rana Plaza victims and to reflect on the roots and aftermath of the Rana Plaza factory collapse, according to a statement of the global worker rights watchdog.
The major issues to be discussed will include cause of Rana Plaza collapse, aftermath of the tragic accident and the efforts taken for the survivors and the victim families.
The role of government, trade unions and the trade organisations and other stakeholders would also be discussed to recommend some measures to face future challenges in ensuring workers safety and security.
The issue of global action taken by the ILO and its constituents would also be discussed in a view to prevent recurrent of such tragedies.

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