Take care of chemically treated hair

30 April 2014

Life Desk :

It is quite well-known that when it comes to colored, straightened or texture altered hair, day-to-day care is difficult.
Creative director of Monsoon Salons, Rod Anker says that protecting the hair from heat is most important and hence one should avoid any heating tools including the blow dryer and should use the cool blast option instead.
Hot water will robs the hair off its natural moisture and hence cold water should be used for while washing, he added.
Experts also suggest liberal use of conditioner on chemically treated hair and advice to leave the conditioner on for extra minutes as it restores the moisture that may have been depleted by chemicals in hair strands, added Dr Sonal Shah from Richfeel.
Anker also stated that wide toothed hair comb are helpful in separating the strands and a wooden comb is preferable since plastic ones create frizz due to static.
Needless to say, don't mess with your hair for at least six months as your hair needs to relax after the high dose of straightening chemicals.

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