Child moves HC to return to school

06 May 2014

A first-grader has moved High Court to return to school after being forced to leave following a row between her mother and the principal.
Kazi Raita Rahman, a student of Dhaka's Lalbagh Model School and College, had been sent on forced leave on April 9 because her mother, Bilkis Banu, had apparently 'misbehaved' with the principal.
A writ challenging the legality of the school's notice was placed on behalf of the six-year old. Her mother signed the affidavit on the child's behalf.
High Court Justices Farah Mahbub and AKM Zahirul Hoque held a preliminary hearing on Monday before issuing an interim order, directing the school to let Raita attend classes and appear in examinations.
They asked the school authorities to explain their notice, which flouted regulations and forced the petitioner to leave school, should not be declared illegal.

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