Suranjit wants change in Home Ministry

06 May 2014

Senior Awami League leader Suranjit Sengupta came down hard on the home ministry, criticising its role in seven murders in Narayanganj.
"…the responsibility of the home ministry should be given to someone who has leadership quality, personality and has a good idea of law," he said stressing the importance of home and foreign ministries at a discussion on Monday.
The bodies of seven bductees, including Narayanganj city councilor Nazrul Islam and senior lawyer Chandan Kumar Sarker, were found in the Shitalakkhya river, three days after the abduction.    
The slain councillor's family was assured about his safe return by state minister for home Asaduzzaman Khan  Kamal soon after the abduction on April 27.
The family has been blaming Siddhirganj Awami League leader Nur Hossain for the abduction from the very first day.
Police raided the residence of Nur Hossain, the prime accused in the case on Saturday, seven days after the abduction.
"What were you doing for seven days? Why didn't you take measures immediately? Seven days are a lot of time. By that time, the perpetrators got chance to remove evidences," Suranjit said on Monday while lashing out at the law enforcers.
"The criminals could have been arrested and a lot of evidence could have been collected, if crucial time was not wasted. This delay is unacceptable," he added.
The Awami League leader called to look into possibilities of the administration's involvement in the incident.
"Those who have been withdrawn from Narayanganj's administration and law enforcing agencies, should be brought under divisional investigation. No one should be spared." he said.
The slain councillor's father-in-law has on Sunday alleged that RAB was paid by the prime accused Nur Hossain to carry out the abductions and killings.
Suranjit said that, Nur Hossain was an 'opportunist'. "He has no clear political identity. He used to be a member of the Jatiya Party, then he switched over to BNP and now he is with the Awami League."

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