Coe says sport must innovate, backs new Bolt event

05 January 2017

World athletics chief Sebastian Coe threw his support Wednesday behind a new team event spearheaded by Usain Bolt, saying the sport needed "brave, bold ideas" to stay relevant.
Nine-time Olympic champion Bolt will headline the inaugural Nitro Athletics in Melbourne next month, captaining the 'All-Stars' in the competition.
The meet will feature six teams-including Australia, China, Japan, England and New Zealand-and feature non-traditional events such as middle-distance and hurdles relays in an attempt to broaden athletics' appeal.
IAAF president Coe said the new-look format across three days was exactly what the sport needed to keep fans interested.
"Athletics, in its traditional form, remains the cornerstone of the Olympic Games," he said in a statement released by the event organisers.
"And our world championships remain an incredibly strong and attractive event.

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