Azizul Hakim to give time to family members today

15 May 2014 Entertainment Report
Azizul Hakim to give time to family members today

Along with the family members noted actor Azizul Hakim will celebrate his birthday today. He will celebrate his birthday in different way this year. He will attend in three live shows in satellite channels today. Later he will give time to his wife Zinat Hakim, daughter Nazah Hakim and son Hrid.
Azizul Hakim will take part in two live shows at Channel 71 at 8:00am and on Boishakhi TV at 10:20am, Hakim said.
Though in these shows he will take part alone, Azizul Hakim along with his family members will attend Ananya Ruma
produced another live show Citycell Tarokakathon, which will be aired on Channel i at 12:30pm, he said.
While sharing his feelings in this regard Azizul Hakim told this correspondent, “I hope this year I will celebrate my
birthday in different way. Everybody pray for me as I can stay well, can act perfectly and also can work in the long run in media.” It may be mentioned that recently a drama serial titled Nij Grihey Porobashi, aired on Banglavision, was
directed by Azizul Hakim.  
“Now I am searching good story for new play. If I would get good story I will make drama serial,” Azizul Hakim said.
Therefore, Hakim acted drama serials - Jol Phoring-er Gaan, Songsar Shimantey and Prothom Prem are being aired  now.   

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