Reform of WDB demanded to save coastal land

30 April 2017

UNB, Dhaka :
Different rights bodies on Saturday demanded immediate reform of the Water Development Board (WDB) to save coastal land and its people.
The demand came from a human chain programme formed by several rights groups under the banner of 'Coastal NGOs Alliance' in front of the Jatiya Press Club in the city, marking the devastating Cyclone 29th April '91.
Mustafa Kamal Akanda of the Coastal Association for Social Transformation (Coast) Trust moderated the human chain and rally.
The organisation placed an eight-point demand,
including construction of permanent embankments to protect coastal people and ensure accountability and transparency of WDB.
On behalf of the Alliance, Shawkat Ali Tutul of COAST Trust remembered the devastating cyclone of 29th April which caused around 0.5 million deaths in coastal regions of the country.
"Coastal people still are not safe. Migration of people from the coastal belt towards big cities are on due to frequent cyclone, flood and river erosion" said Shawka, adding that the government is not taking appropriate measures and not allocating adequate budget for protecting coastal people.

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