EC plans to build smart voting system

28 July 2017

The Election Commission, is taking steps to use modern equipment at polling centres as part of smart election management.
The EC also discussed sending voting supplies to polling centres on the morning of Election Day to prevent fraud, said qouting EC Secretary Mohammad Abdullah.
On his last workday, Abdullah told that the EC is paving the way for free and fair elections. "Various measures have been taken for that," he said.
Abdullah is being transferred to the post of secretary at the Ministry of Industries, only ten months after being assigned to his job as the EC secretary.
Helaluddin Ahmed, who was serving as the divisional commissioner of Dhaka will replace Abdullah.The commission is also discussing steps on certain issues, such as the snatching of ballot boxes on the night before the polls.
"We are planning to send out ballot papers on the day of the election to every voting centre. Many returning officers have recommended this idea as well. I think the EC will play a positive role in discussion about the issue in the future," he said.
Currently, the rules state that voting will occur between 8am and 4pm. However, the commission is also discussing an alternative proposal that voting will begin at 9am and conclude at 5pm so that the EC can send voting materials on the election day.
There has also been some concern about using the EVM system in the polls. The EC is currently waiting to hear the opinions from relevant parties before making a decision on EVMs, the secretary said, but the commission is moving forward with steps to make the polling centres 'smart'.
"We are considering the use of folder boards for counting the votes, which will reduce the pressure on presiding officers. The commission will take help from development partners," said Abdullah.
"The commission is considering ways to make the election system smart, simplify the selection process and reduce the pressure of the presiding officers."
"We are planning to fortify the polling booths. Though it will be expensive, we will use good-quality folding boards. After the votes are cast, the ballot papers will be folded and stored in the Upazila or district election office," he said.
"The commission is committed to modernising the entire election system."

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