Imtiaz Ahmed’s Hridoy Aamar Prokash Holo released

17 June 2014

Noted physician and Tagore artiste Imtiaz Ahmed’s solo album titled Hridoy Aamar Prokash Holo has been released under the banner of Impress Audio Vision recently.There are 10 tracks in the album. These are: Hridoy aamar proksh holo, Mone holo jeno periye elem, Tomar kachhey shanty chabona, Aaro aghat soibe aamar, Tumi robe nirob-e hridoy-e momo, Dinshesher ranga mukul, Megh chaye sajal baye mon aamar, Sraboner plabon-e akul bishonno sondhai, Charan-o dhorite diyogo aamar-e and Boro Bismoy lagey heri tomar-e.Durbadal Chatterjee has directed music of the tracks of the album, which has been dedicated to Dr Shakti Das and Dr Nazma Khatun.

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