Attack on Zafar Iqbal

SUST security guard detained for questioning

07 March 2018

A security agency has detained a security guard of the Shahajal University of Science and Technology or SUST in connection with the attack on the writer and science professor, Muhammed Zafar Iqbal.
The guard, Khalequzzaman, was detained at the central library building on the campus around 4pm on Tuesday, but it is not yet clear which agency of the security forces picked him up.
With Khalequzzaman, the number of detainees in Zafar Iqbal attack case is now five, including attacker Faizul Hasan Shafiqur's parents.
Faizul attacked Zafar Iqbal with a knife when he was attending an open-air programme as chief guest on the campus last Saturday. The students and the policemen in charge of the security of the professor detained him immediately.
Faizul told the law enforcers that he wanted to kill Zafar Iqbal as he believed the writer 'is an enemy of Islam'.
Video footage and photos show two of the three policemen assigned to ensure Zafar Iqbal's security were glued to the mobile phone screen while the other was indifferently looking around. The attacker is seen right behind his target while the three policemen took position a few feet away from the teacher.

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