Apurbo becomes father on his birthday

29 June 2014
Apurbo becomes father on his birthday

To become father on his own birthday, few people get the opportunity in his life. It is happened on the fate of popular actor of present time Apurbo. June 27 was birthday of Apurbo and he became father on that day.
Wife of Apurbo, Nazia Hasan Audity gave birth a baby boy at Apollo Hospital at 11:45am on June 27 . Weight of the baby is about eight pounds. Before birth of the baby Apurbo and his wife named after Zayyan Faruq Ayyash.
Apurbo shared his feelings by this way, “My this year’s birthday was a red letter day in my life because Allah gave me the best gift in my life. I am really happy to get the gift (my son). Everybody pray for us.”
Apurbo’s wife will return to her residence tomorrow. Apurbo will again start to take part in shooting from first day of July, he said.

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