Shakila Jafar at Jhotpot Iftar

30 June 2014 Entertainment Report
Shakila Jafar at Jhotpot Iftar

On the occasion of holy Ramzan ATN Bangla will air with the participation of the celebrities a cooking and Iftar making related show Vim
Jhotpot Iftar from today.
It will be aired from first Ramzan at 4:10pm. Popular singer Shakila Jafar will be
present as invited guest on today’s episode. Recipes from Lobbi’s Recipe have been selected for today’s episode.
The programme is
hosted by Rumana Malik Munmun, while
it is produced by Lobbi Rahman.   
In the programme, Shakila Jafar will take part in cooking and she will give tips about Iftar making recipes to the viewers. Therefore, viewers will get the opportunity to win gift items to participate in the show.

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