Alvee busy with Eid plays

04 July 2014
Alvee busy with Eid plays

Popular face of the small screen Alvee has started to work in a new drama serial titled Grihojuddho from this week. Rizwan Khan has written script of the serial, while Kaisar Ahmed is giving direction of it. Popular actor Anisur Rahman Milon is acting against Alvee in the serial. It will go on air in any satellite channel soon.
While talking about the new serial Alvee told this correspondent, “Earlier I had worked under the direction of Kaisar Ahmed in a serial titled Chaturango. I received huge response from that serial. I had tried my level best to express my role in the serial. In fact, I always feel comfortable to work under his direction because he takes the works from the actors giving more freedom them.”
On the occasion of coming Eid-ul-Fitr, Alvee has already worked in six plays under the direction of Mizanur Rahman Labu, Kaisar Ahmed, Ashish Roy, Al Hajen, Biplob Mehedi and Anonno Emon.
While sharing her feelings working in Eid plays Alvee said, “During Eid many viewers watch plays rather than other times. For this reason, while acting in Eid plays I always selective about my roles. I have tried my level best to express my roles in those plays. Only Al Hajen bhai’s work yet not finished. Its shooting will start soon.”
Alvee acted mentionable plays are: Salauddin Lavlu’s Potro Mitali, Ferdous Hasan Rana’s Prithibir Shob Rup Mekhey Achhey Ghash-e, Al Hajen’s Alashpur, Jahangir Alam Sumon’s Grihodaho, Dena Pawna and Rajlaksmi Srikanto, Jewel Mahmud’s Tattooghora, etc. n

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